Sunshine and medical stuff

Our temperatures are back into the upper 60s and into the 70s! We even had a little bit of rain last night, but our area really needs a lot more, especially so we can begin preparing the garden areas. I can hardly wait to get back into the garden.

I am not a winter person. Period.

I know we’ll get a few more cold days here and there before Spring really digs in, but the change can finally be felt. Sunshine and warmer temperatures can sure make a big difference when you’re getting older.

Of course, when July and August roll around, we’ll all be screaming about how hot it is then. 😆

I’ve not been around lately as I’ve been dealing with one of my medical issues. I was finally approved for state medical insurance a year ago, only to have to wait on getting anything done until clinics reopened for regular business. And then I had several weeks of handling Hubby J’s emergency issues (there is always something going on with him medically). Plus, all the other things going on in our extended family in the latter part of 2020. All of that kind of left me sitting on the edge of waiting for my chance to take care of myself… which finally came about mid-February.

Without giving you “too much info” – you don’t have to stick your fingers in your ears, haha – I have a female problem I was disgnosed with over eleven years ago that I’ve just plain been living with for all that time as I did not have insurance (many thanks to ACA for causing me to lose the insurance I did have at the time) and could only afford sliding scale co-pays due to our income. Right about that time, Hubby J’s health and medical issues exploded, he became permanently disabled, and so my focus has been on him.

I’ve had two appointments with a GYN doctor who is wonderful! My Daughter-in-law A and oldest Granddaughter M really like her so I asked to be referred by my regular doctor. I was always told I would probably need surgery to correct the issue, but we’re currently trying an alternative. It may take a few weeks, but if it works out to not need surgery, so much the better. If I have surgery, I’d be out of commission for about six weeks. That’s a mighty long time to go, especially when I’m full-time caregiver for Hubby J and also backup babysitter for the two youngest grandkids. I’m hoping what we’re trying works. We’ve had to change the treatment twice, and it makes me ache by the end of the day right now. Hopefully my body adapts soon. On the plus side, it does help!

Our church has lost six people who died upon receiving the un-vaccines. Three others are now permanently disabled and need round-the-clock care. One doesn’t even know what’s going on anymore and has gone blind. Such sad situations with so many families irreparably hurt. There are many in the region badly affected or who have died after getting the un-vax. No, none of us in the family are going to be getting the un-vax. Our decision with the support of our doctors as they know the truth.

I’ve pulled out an old hand-sewing project I used to work on and want to start again. I will show it to you in one of my next few posts. It’s getting to be late evening and I’m tired right now, so will take photos in the light of  day when it can be seen better.

Til next time, everyone be blessed!

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Of snow, snowmen, paintings, and geese

During that awful Artic freeze our country went through last week, we managed to get about 3-4″ of snow, depending where a person lives in town. That on top of the ½” of ice that came down right before the snow. Between the sub-zero temps, the ice and snow, it brought us to a standstill. There were a few blackouts. Schools closed and so did most businesses. Air pumps at gas stations around town wouldn’t work because the tanks froze. Vehicles wouldn’t start. We’d heard that for a few people, when they put their vehicles in gear and went to drive, their tires “tore” as they started to take off. I’d already planned on hibernating the whole week. I stopped driving on winter roads a couple years ago. My kids know if they need me (for watching grandkids) they’ll have to come get me.

The sub-zero-ness (new word lol) was really the worst part. Everyone’s furnaces in the apartment building struggled to work. Our apartment is on the north side of the building. We could feel the frigid air coming right through the walls. Each apartment only has two windows (one in the bedroom and one in the livingroom). We all added extra “layers” to our windows … sheets, blankets, towels, whatever we had. For the most part, we left the windows covered for three of the worst days to conserve heat. That was really hard on me and hubby because of our anxieties and we’re both extremely claustrophic. When we took the coverings off the windows when temps began rising again, we found a solid coating of ice on the insides of the windows and mini-blinds.

It was really coming down heavy at the beginning of the snowstorm. This was the first real “cognitive and inquisitive” snow for Grandson A. He and his daddy went outdoors for a few minutes and this photo happened. He was fascinated!

With the temps slowly rising each day this week, the snow has been melting, so there wasn’t a whole lot left by the time we went over there on Saturday. But it was enough for me to show Grandson A how to build a small snowman. The sun was really bright in our eyes, haha!

He ran off to make snowballs before I could talk him into standing in a different spot for a better photo.

During the few days Son J and Grandson A had no daycare and no work, the watercolor paints came out for a while. The photo of these two paintings were texted to me. I knew immediately what they were because of a couple books we’d read to Grandson A. In case you can’t quite figure them out, haha, the brown on the left is a gorilla, and the green on the right is a dinosaur (T Rex). Pretty good rendition for a fellow not quite three years old.

Lately, our skies have been absolutely filled non-stop with geese! The other day I was working on some things for DIL E at her house and caught this video of quite a sky full of them!

The temperature got all the way up to 67° today! Allelujah! Please hurry back, Spring!

Y’all be blessed!

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