Once again

So sorry to be absent once again, my friends. To be honest, this has been an extremely hard year for me. First, I’m really starting to feel my age of 62. I just can’t do everything I used to, even up to last year. Gardening is way harder. Holding my youngest grandson Aero – who at 17 months old weighs like a ton! – is harder. Walking any great distance is harder. Just thinking is harder. Oiy. Then, there’s everything that goes on with Jerry’s medical stuff. Those six hospital stays back during the first four months of this year, and his two surgeries for kidney stones, now bringing the total amount of surgeries he’s had for one thing or another since 2008 to a whopping 18! And now his memory problems are really kicking in . . . both sides of his family are riddled with Alzheimer’s disease, so he’s screwed either way. His dad needs to be in the nursing home with his [step]mom, but refuses to give up. And now I’m dealing with Jerry’s mind. Right now he’s sick with a really bad head and chest cold, so I know it will be hitting me soon, too.

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