Quick note

Just a quick post before I go to bed since it’s so late. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks due to the planning and preparations going on in our AHG troop for the tea party this coming Saturday. Just when I think I get a minute, I have to take care of something else. I had to return to the eye doctor. My right eye has been going through stages of dimming, then stops, and then a blurry dim, back and forth… etc. Nothing I can do about it. I’ve put it in God’s hands for Him to manage as He sees fit. My heart is weeping tonight because of the unkind words of someone. (Not Jerry.) What can you do but continue to pray for them, hoping one day they will wake up and see how they’ve bullied and demeaned others. We’ve had high humidity and torrential rains the past couple days, so it’s been a rough day on my body and mind. The river is higher right now because of that but we sure needed the moisture. Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow again. Back and forth weather. Everyone here is tired of it and ready for

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And the doctor said…

No more monkeys jumping on the bed! Haha! Sorry, couldn’t resist. *snicker* First, THANK YOU for all the prayers about my right eye! I’m truly blessed with wonderful blog friends! Each and every one of you is very special to me!My eyes were so blurry and tired from everything the eye doctor did yesterday that I couldn’t see well to post before bedtime, so had to wait til today. Anyway, the eye doctor explained it like this: The vitreous (gel-like substance behind the eye) is pulling away from the retina.  (Not completely detached, thank goodness!) Part of it is normal as we age… it begins to collapse and cause the pulling away, but can sometimes tear or even detach, which is then serious and needs treatment/surgery. The first six weeks after it begins are crucial – that’s when the worst damage can occur because it’s super easy for it to just detach. I see the flashes around the edge because the fluid is filling in the space that’s open now. Usually, this happens slowly over time and it adjusts itself to accomodate the collapsing of the vitreous and we just lose our sight bit by bit as we age. But

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Possible detached retina

I have an appointment tomorrow (02/11) at 1:00 p.m. to see my eye doctor about my right eye, paid for by a kind soul. I’d sent a message earlier in the day through the healthcare app the clinic uses telling the doctor about my symptoms, etc. He said I need to get in right away as it might be a detached retina . . . if that’s what it is, it needs to be taken care of because untreated it can lead to blindness in that eye. Please pray about this, if you would. My anxieties are sky-high now. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you, friends!

An assortment of things

Today has been a mix of light clouds and sunshine. This is tonight’s sunset . . . The Kansas wind is howling today. Gusts 30-35mph. Our apartment being on the top floor (third) and facing north, we hear it rumble and whoosh over the top of the roof and whistle around the windows constantly. Sometimes I think about those pioneering women who came west with their husbands and families, listening to the Kansas wind day and night as it enveloped their sod homes, nary a tree to break the monotony of the shrieking, roaring noise. No wonder some of them became crazed and walked out their doors onto the prairie, never to be seen or heard from again. I’m constantly working on the troop tea party details right now. It’s planned for Saturday, February 29 in the afternoon. The girls in the troop chose Spring Flowers as the theme. My unit, the two Pioneer/Patriot girls, and I made the invitations. We chose three different flowered designs of scrapbook paper. I did the envelopes and tea bags, one girl did the saucers, and one the cups with the tea party information. We each did our parts at home, brought them to

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A GOOD thing

Just a quick post, since it’s pert near bedtime. I’ve been so overwhelmingly busy with some AHG troop stuff lately. Wait, didn’t I already tell you that? I can’t remember. Ha! Monday was Jerry’s doctor appointment. We go every 2-3 month for him. It’s so often mainly due to a couple of his medicines he has to take, and sometimes due to all of his medical issues. Sure wish we could go longer between, but that isn’t going to happen. For once, the appointment only took a few minutes. Thankful for that because it means there are no problems going on at the moment. A good thing came out of it, though. Jerry lost another ten pounds! Woo-hoo! Yes, that is a GOOD thing. While he was in nursing facilities for just under three years, they allowed him to gain an enormous amount of weight by letting him eat and eat and eat. He has no willpower, and his doctors even had him on restricted diets for various things. But in the words of the directors at the facilities, “We can’t tell him no because that’s considered neglect.” Just shook my head at those words. Even over doctor orders. So,

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