Fear not

Let me be clear about something . . .

I’m not scared.

I’m not worried.

Because I have Jesus.

I am, however, annoyed . . . and that’s a totally different ballgame.

People have been going around scared to pieces, thinking they’re going to be forced to stay in their homes and not allowed to leave for any reason.
And that has caused them to completely lose their minds and grab every item off store shelves as if they’re prepping for doomsday.
Things that I use on a normal day-to-day basis in the care of Jerry — 91% alcohol, disposable vinyl gloves, paper towels, bleach — cannot be found anywhere.
For twenty-eight years, we’ve been dealing with an on-going dermatological condition on Jerry’s lower left leg that will be with him forever.
It will never go away. It will never get any better. Once the bacteria has attacked the body, it begins its little dance with a person’s life. The area it enters and kills can be debrided, but it leaves a permanent dermatological condition for the rest of a person’s life. At any given time, there is is always a 50/50 chance it will move to another area on the body and begin again. In all the research I’ve done over the years, and a multitude of information from many doctors, nothing has left me with such a heart-rending imprint in my mind as the hundreds photos of patients who have endured the same thing, and on other areas of their bodies.
I would not wish this thing on my worst enemy. 
God has kept us in the palms of His hands . . . the condition has stayed in the same spot on Jerry, and I’ve kept an eagle-eye on it and treated it myself, getting Jerry to wound care as necessary. The spot will sometimes open, and usually closes within a week or two on its own as I treat it. The times it has needed more intense care would shock you in how it looks, and how large and deep it can get. There have been three times it became so bad that it took at least a year to heal and close . . . the most recent was an extended time from September 2016 to July 2018 while Jerry was in a nursing facility where one nurse thought he knew everything and scraped Jerry’s leg raw, then wrapped it completely wrong, causing it to become filled with four different bacteria and Jerry had to receive several potent medications by infusion day after day for months.
He nearly died.
Only by the grace of God is Jerry still here.
That was truly a tough time. He was stuck in an out-of-town facility because the one he had been in here had suddenly closed, leaving all of the residents’ families scrambling to find openings elsewhere. All I could find for him was a spot 45 miles away. Once he got there, I didn’t know what was going on because no one called me and they wouldn’t let residents call their families if they didn’t live in the same town. I had extremely limited income, car problems, etc., etc. By the time I was able to get over there to see him three weeks after the move to that facility, the damage had been done. I got him into nearby wound care and we just went from there. This is part of the reason I knew I had to find a more accessible apartment and get him back home with me.
It still makes my blood boil, but for the most part I’ve put it behind me.
Doo-doo happens.
The point to all this is . . .
People need to use their brains. Use some common sense.
And while we’re at it, how about a little compassion and love thy neighbor.
Yes, I realize we have never been through anything like what this virus has done to our country and our world.
But, hoarding is not the answer.
When you do that, you put people like my husband in jeopardy by grabbing items we use every single day for his well-being. You have left nothing for those of us with limited means. We cannot care for our families if you take it all.
C’mon, folks, God’s got this.

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yes, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.” [Isaiah 41:10]

‘Nough said.

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  • Tried that. All the online places say "out of stock." Even the medical supply websites are out of those items or won't sell to non-medical personnel at this time.

  • I am with you , girlfriend. It amazes me that "the faithful" trust in God UNTIL something bad happens to them or they get scared about illness or dying. I am so sorry you are having this problem and especially your poor husband. Have you tried Amazon? Google your supplies and you might find them online. There are lots of other places besides Amazon….online pharmacies etc. Good luck!

  • It is such a difficult time for everyone but even more so for those who like you absolutely need the supplies ( and can't get them).
    We were at the grocery store this morning and although there were many many seniors ( it was before 8 A.M.) everyone was remarkably civil. Keep having faith that this will come to an end soon.

  • So sorry Jerry has had to go through that all these years…and now to not be able to get supplies! I can't believe how selfish people get with the hoarding. Well, sadly–I guess I can believe it. And it will probably get worse, honestly. I pray you get supplies and stay well!! love and virtual hugs πŸ™‚

  • I've heard that the same things are happening here — people taking items out of other peoples hand and shopping carts. Just plain craziness going on. Thank you, Betsy, sure do appreciate those prayers!! Blessings to you!

  • Oh I hear you, loud and clear and I couldn't agree more. I tried to get gloves for my neighbor lady last week when I went to the store. She also needs them for a medical condition. I couldn't find any for her. A lady took a loaf of bread out of my cart. I only had one loaf, it wasn't like I was taking all of the bread. I just looked at her, went over to the shelf and got another loaf! She watched me the entire time. What is going on in peoples brains? It scares me to think what will happen if things get really scarce.
    I sure hope you find the things you need for Jerry soon. I'll be praying for you.

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