First, just want to let you know, after asking numerous people, and searching online over and over and over (and finding everything either “out of stock” or “not currently being sold to non-medical personnel”) . . . that a friend of mine (who is also a leader in our AHG troop) and her friend, went searching our town for several hours and finally found the supplies I needed for Jerry’s continued care. The items should last for a couple weeks, at least. They wouldn’t even let me reimburse them.
Praise the Lord for the blessing of special friends! πŸ™ ❀️

Only God knows the reasons some things happen.

Sometimes all we can do is wonder why . . . but try not to dwell on it.

Give it to God.

Today was one of those days.

John called me this morning, asking if I could come over to watch the kids . . . he said Elissa was spotting and cramping real bad.

They had called the two clinics here but both said absolutely no one was being let in without a previously scheduled appointment, and they were not making any new appointments at this time.

Next, they called the one hospital but were told her symptoms were not considered an emergency so she could not go there.

After that, they began calling out-of-town clinics and finally found a specialist in Wichita willing to see her, but . . . she had to come alone. Even if John could drive her, they would not let him in. And they told her that when she got there, she would have to just sit in the waiting room, for however long it took, until they had the room ready.

All of this due to the virus.

I stayed with the grandkids, and John went to work for a couple hours to keep his mind busy and finish up what work he’d had to leave undone when Elissa had called him earlier.

When they finally called her back to the exam room, the doctor found there was no fetal activity and that miscarriage was already in progress. All they could do was send her home and let it pass. She goes back on April 7 so they can check to be sure it has all cleared out.

Then, on the way home, she had a flat tire. Stuck on the side of the highway, she called Triple-A. By this time, John was home, but I stayed to play with Nova and Aero in case something came up and John had to leave. After an hour of no one showing up, John called Triple-A and told them what Elissa was going through and they bumped her to the head of the line. It still took an hour and a half for the guy to get to her because John had to call Triple-A back and guide the guy to where Elissa was parked.

She finally made it home. Boy, she was really dragging by that time. She’d had to endure all of this, all day long, by herself.

John and Elissa went to try to get the tire fixed because all the Triple-A guy could do was give it a patch. They ended up having to order a $400 set of 2 tires because it’s an AWD vehicle; I guess you’re supposed to replace all four tires when one is ruined, but they told the repair place they needed to stretch it out.

What a long, trying, sad day for them.

Please keep them in prayer.

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