The Jerry update and a couple other things

I got to see Jerry today. The hospital mental health lady, Alison (who is covering so many different areas right now), got permission for me. We found out that neither Jerry nor I had been given complete information when they took him to his room. Several people really dropped the ball. Staff members should have been calling me all along. The one I had contact with Monday morning was rude and kept cutting me off mid-sentence. I couldn’t get any information from her at all. Alison has remedied all of that for us and corrected a number of people on what things they should have done. We’ve had a number of similar issues like this in the past (as have numerous other families according to reports) . . . we do not care for this hospital and had there been a way and time, I would have taken Jerry to Newton. Anyway . . . Jerry looks and feels tons better. They have him stabilized and he might be able to come home tomorrow. The doctors will meet and go over things in the morning to be sure. They will still work on getting the Alzheimer’s testing set up, which

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What’s what with Jerry

Sometimes you just can’t foresee something coming. Such is the case being married to a man who has so many medical diagnoses like Jerry. Although I watch him like a hawk, there are times you just can’t tell that anything is going on because the usual signs are nonexistent. When I woke up this past Sunday, I found Jerry kind of wandering in the apartment. I asked him if he needed to have some breakfast and he just looked at me. It struck me that he didn’t seem quite right. I looked closer at him. Was I seeing the face of a stroke? I couldn’t tell for sure. I told him I thought we should get him to the emergency room and he agreed. When we got to the hospital, I had to first get permission to bring him in, which was okay of course when I told them what might be going on. I have to say, with this shutdown because of the virus, that was one of the longest days ever that we’ve spent in the emergency room – over 13½ hours! Our hospital is operating with only half its usual staff and most sections are not open at

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Prayer request for Jerry

It’s 4:25 a.m. Jerry is in the hospital (NOT related to the virus). We spent from noon yesterday until just a little while ago in the ER before they got him to a regular room. Long story. I’m tired, but needed to update some medical papers before going to bed. I’ll let you know what’s going on when I get a chance. Send up a prayer for him, please and thank you.


Our state’s virus cases continue to rise, as do the deaths. We’re still separated from Jerry’s mom at the nursing home. I haven’t had Jerry out but two times — last week when we were over to John and Elissa’s, and then yesterday afternoon to the park while it was 70° and sunny. He sat in the car coloring to enjoy the fresh air and I did the walking path to get exercise (yes, after 30 weeks, the heel pain is easing). This evening the temps have begun to plummet and the wind is howling as the cold front is coming through (again); the weather dudes say tomorrow there may be some snow. Bleah. I ran across an article on the USA Today website from April 9 that I wanted to share with you in case you haven’t seen it. I don’t usually read anything from the mainstream media, for some reason it drew me in when I saw it linked on our local newspaper’s website. Our country has seen a lot these past couple months . . . heartbreak, hope, challenge, courage. You might want to grab a tissue, some of the photos may bring a tear or two.

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea

First thing to say . . . Toilet paper! Finally! Woot! Like many others in our area, I hadn’t been able to find ANY toilet paper since the 4-roll pack I’d bought on March 3. Yes, you read that right. Over a month ago. And yes, with two people who have chronic colon problems, those 4 rolls absolutely disappeared quickly. Too much info? Sorry. But, wait, there’s more. (Haha!) We’ve had to be very, what shall I say — imaginative — in what we’ve had to use to replace toilet paper. Think Sear’s Roebuck catalogs. I kid you not. That’s how bad it’s been around here for paper items. No toilet paper, no paper towels, no napkins, no kleenex . . . you get the idea. What a blessing when my son called me yesterday evening while they were out doing their grocery shopping. “Mom, they have toilet paper. Do you want some?” You have to ask?!?! “Yes!!!!” “It’s even your kind, a 12-roll package . . .” “Yes! Yess!! I’ll pay whatever ransom you want for it! And we’ll split it with you guys!” So, they took 4 rolls and we have 8. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Store shelves, coolers, and freezers have

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