Jerry, gardening, and circling the wagons

I’ve had my hands full the past few weeks with Jerry’s on-going medical issues. And some of mine are giving me the heebie-jeebies, too. Nothing unusual, really. I’m so used to things constantly happening it doesn’t even faze me anymore. In all, Jerry spent two weeks in the hospital. He has three new tentative mental health diagnoses (listed as “tentative” until actual testing has been done) and two new medical diagnoses. Since then, we’ve been doing a lot of medical screenings and doctor appointments on Zoom for Jerry. He has to have certain intakes, screenings, therapies, etc. in order to eventually get accepted for Alzheimer’s testing. They’re also looking into neurological testing. Yes, it’s serious. Serious enough that we’ve already had a KDADS screening (part of the CARE/PASRR programs) for admission to a mental health nursing home should it be needed. If that were to happen, the closest one is several hours away in St. Joseph, Missouri. Needless to say, we would probably never see each other again; our car needs major mechanical repairs we cannot afford, so isn’t highway worthy, and it eats a ton of gas. I wouldn’t be able to afford the travel even if I could

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Back and forth

Well, Jerry was dismissed from the hospital late yesterday afternoon . . . . . . and he’s back in the hospital today. *sigh* They said they had him stabilized. I think the infections are affecting him worse than they know. The saga continues . . .