A little of this and a lot of that

UPDATE ON JERRY I have never seen time move more slowly than it has these past several months. *sigh* Am I right? Well, except for the two times I was pregnant with my sons back in 1979 and 1982 while waiting for their births. Lonnnnnngest nine months each time evvvveeerrrr. 🤣 Anyway . . . This virus has just turned everything into an upsidedown-wait-wait-wait-twiddle-your-thumbs kind of spectacle. In other words, we’ve been waiting all this time for things to get done through the local mental health center for Jerry. Not even a therapy session yet. No testing either. The only thing that’s happened was we received his PASRR assessment determination letter that said he does not currently meet the requirements for a nursing facility, mental health nursing facility, or behavioral health unit at a hospital. Meh. That’s okay. If it becomes necessary in the future we can have the assessment redone. Jerry had a severe reaction to one of the medications they had started him on while in the hospital. It brought on an extreme case of tardive dyskinesia. I had warned the therapist that he’d had this same type of reaction in the past with anti-psychotic medications and that

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