Silly cards

I’ve always loved art. Specifically the kind where you put some type of drawing or painting implement in your hand.
I’m talking crayons, watercolors, colored pencils, gel pens, acrylics, graphite . . .
You get the picture. (Pun intended. πŸ˜‰)
From the moment my mama introduced me to crayons back when I was a toddler (no, I don’t actually remember that — she told me) I’ve been coloring, drawing, painting, doodling, scribbling, sketching, spattering, and just plain having a good ol’ time with making my own kind of drawn or painted art. My favorite implements in recent years are colored pencils and gel pens (as I said in this post).
I thought I’d share some cards I made for Jerry in 2017 that I came across again the other day while re-organizing his dresser drawers. I’d drawn them during the few weeks when I was having trouble with the car AND winter weather kept happening — which made it so I could not get to the facility he was in at the time because it was in another town. Cellphone service in that tiny town was awful and their facility telephone connections were even worse. So, I drew silly little cards and mailed them to him every few days.
I got the idea from a friend’s instagram; she’d made similar cards to leave around the house for her husband. I took the photos with a previous cellphone as I finished them, so they aren’t as high-def as my current phone.
I cut watercolor paper into 4″ x 6″ card sizes. I found that colored pencils work very well on that type of paper! I used q-tips to blend and even out colors.
On the back of each is a short note with the date I made the card. It took me about three hours to make each one (because that’s how my OCD rolls). While I drew, I would listen to Today’s Issues on American Family Radio on my laptop.
This next one is my favorite. Yep, that is real lipstick . . . it belonged in granddaughter, Kara’s, little girl’s play-makeup case she forgot after one stayover. Jerry said it made him laugh for a long time.
He shared these with all the aides and nurses who came by his room. We put all of them into a small blue photo keeper I’d had sitting around for ten years and never got around to using until then. This last one is what we’ve always said to each other ever since we got married. Jerry likes it and the “reel” card best.
Hmmm. I should make some more.
Just because.

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