All the stuff

The medical stuff I’ve not been up to par lately . . . a combination of things related to my medical issues. I just keep plugging away, but some days have been much harder than others recently. Jerry is also dealing with a couple worsening conditions. If you’ve a mind to, we could both use some prayer for our health. The stuff of lies In August, I caught a medical staff member in a lie. I’ve lived with daily migraines all my life. E v e r y   d a y   .  .  .   a l l   m y   l i f e . I wake up with pain, I go to bed with pain. Most days it’s a 5-6 on the pain scale doctors use. I’ve gotten so used to the pain over my lifetime that that’s basically tolerable to me. And then there are the 10+ pain scale days. I’ve had some of those where my ex had to carry me into the emergency room because he thought I was in a coma. The “blank” spots in my memory are those days. I warned Jerry about them when we first started dating. I told him what to watch

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