Of snow, snowmen, and paintings

February 22, 2021 During that awful Artic freeze our country went through last week, we managed to get about 3-4″ of snow, depending where a person lives in town. That on top of the ½” of ice that came down right before the snow. Between the sub-zero temps, the ice and snow, it brought us to a standstill. There were a few blackouts. Schools closed and so did most businesses. Air pumps at gas stations around town wouldn’t work because the tanks froze. Vehicles wouldn’t start. We’d heard that for a few people, when they put their vehicles in gear and went to drive, their tires “tore” as they started to take off. I’d already planned on hibernating the whole week. I stopped driving on winter roads a couple years ago. My kids know if they need me (for watching grandkids) they’ll have to come get me. The sub-zero-ness (new word lol) was really the worst part. Everyone’s furnaces in the apartment building struggled to work. Our apartment is on the north side of the building. We could feel the frigid air coming right through the walls. Each apartment only has two windows (one in the bedroom and one in

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Rolling blackouts

February 15, 2021 It has been a miserable day in the middle and southern parts of the country. High temperatures in the sub-freezing category. It didn’t go above -7° and the “feels like” pretty much stayed right around -36° because of the wind. Plus, something I’ve never seen before … the dew point was -14°. We’ve been shivering all day. The windows are covered with towels and extra sheets to try holding in heat. We finally gave up, went to our beds and covered up under three layers of comforters and quilts. Thank goodness my grandma Buller made those quilts all those years ago. The regional energy provider put out an email notice that they are going to do rolling blackouts the rest of this week. We won’t get notice beforehand. All the schools and daycares are closed for now because of this. I have cousins who live in Texas where there have been multiple highway pileups resulting in injuries and death. They said they’re all fine and staying home. No electricity since two days ago. Yes, this is a storm that just keeps on giving. Our city is at a complete standstill right now. Unbelieveable that snow plows and brine

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Starting over

February 14, 2021 I used to live somewhere else on the internet. Then I was silenced. So, I moved. Now I can say and do what I want. Because I cannot be touched where I am now. Today’s weather at 4:30 p.m. : currently 4″ of snow and 2° (“feels like” is -23°) 🌨️ ❄️ Happy Valentine’s Day!