Much has been going on

May 23, 2021 I’ve had a lot going on in the past two months that kept me from blogging. It seemed I was never going to find two minutes to myself to even write a sentence. Now that I’m sitting here typing, it makes me wonder how far I will get with this post . . . First off, Jerry’s dad died April 26. Some of you will remember from my previous blog that the week before Thanksgiving (2020) he was found on the floor of the kitchen by Jerry’s step-sister, Jo, when mom called her to go check on dad when he didn’t answer the phone. We’re pretty sure he had a stroke (the hospital didn’t even do a scan, which they’re supposed to do when a patient has lost consciousness), but he also had a raging UTI, and that alone can make for some pretty horrible things (I know because Jerry has had so many due to his urolithiasis). Because of dad’s dementia/Alzheimers, he told the EMTs “a gang broke in, beat me with bats, and threw me in the basement.” Uh, no. The EMTs knew better, because there he was on the kitchen floor with three broken

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