When the day conspires against you

June 21, 2021

Last Thursday was definitely not my day.

It conspired against me.

I went to John’s to work in the garden, but it was so doggone hot and steamy, I just couldn’t be IN the garden IN the sun. Too yucky. So, I sat in the shade and did small gardening tasks.

I pulled a bag of potting soil over to my favorite chair (that I bought in 2005 and now stays at John’s for my use only) and repotted some plants into larger containers. The mum starts I’d been working on (too hot to transplant right now), the bird house gourd seedlings that needed more root room, and split up a hanging basket of various flowers into two to give them more room to spread out.

I also had one 6-pack of varied fall gourds seedlings I was going to put into larger start pots to give them grow room until the temps get cooler in a few days. I needed to make a run into the house to fill my water bottle, so I set the seedlings on the ground by my chair.

When I came back out, the two baby bunnies we’ve been trying to catch for two weeks were having a lunch of gourd seedlings. Little buggers. I started more seeds. I always buy more packs of seeds than I need for *just in case* moments. Didn’t think the *just in case* would be hungry baby bunnies.

Mostly I sat in the shade and just enjoyed being outside in spite of the heat. There wasn’t a breath of air, but I had a paper fan I’d made and used that.

Bird doodoo hit my shoulder. Thankfully, I always carry extra clothes in my back pack. I went inside, changed my t-shirt, and rinsed the disgusting stuff off the other shirt, then was out the door again.

I don’t remember what I was doing after that. The next time I needed to go inside for something, I could not for the life of me get the back door open.

I wiggled and jiggled that door handle. I know for a fact I hadn’t accidentally locked it because that’s not possible due to the way it’s done. I figured it had somehow gotten stuck right at the handle.

John has a pile of sticks in the corner of the yard that has accumulated over three years. Not due to laziness, but because I/we use them for gardening, or a friend might come over to get the bigger ones for their fireplace, etc. I keep the pile stacked off the ground and in order. I walked over and picked up a stick that looked sturdy enough to maybe pry the door open.

I need to explain at this point that I could not go around to the front of the house to get in the front door… because we always lock it when we go out back, and I didn’t have my keys on me. And the side gate is awful for me to try to unlatch.

So, for 15-20 minutes, in 101° temperature with a “feels like” of 104°, I worked on getting that door open. Sticks would break, so I progressively used bigger and thicker sticks.

Talk about sweating!! I was dripping like Niagara Falls! Bleah.

Finally the door popped open. I found that the strike plate had kept the door stuck in place. When John got home from work, he took care of it. The house has been doing a lot of settling this past year, and it seems it had done enough of that overnight to cause the problem.

Now my keys go outside with me.

Later, on the way home, a minimum of four people (there might have been a fifth, but I lost count) all pulled out in front of me. Our town is known to have some of the worst drivers in the nation. Ain’t that lovely to know? It’s a good thing I still have excellent reflexes. One idiot didn’t even look as he ran a stop sign and turned into my path on one of the busiest streets in our town! If there had been anyone in the other lane, I would not have been able to avoid him and would’ve hit him directly.

By the time I went to bed that night, my lower back had begun aching. I couldn’t decide if it was from tripping over something close to the stick pile, or from when I slammed on my brakes and did the lane change because of the crazy driver.

By the next morning, it really didn’t matter how I did it, all I know is that it is causing me a lot of pain. I had to have Jerry help me into my car the next morning, and when I got to John’s, he had to help me out of the car. Geesh. It’s slowly getting better, still plenty of pain and limited movement, but good grief, what a day last Thursday had been!

May your day be blessed with UNeventfulness. Haha.

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5 Responses to When the day conspires against you

  1. Far Side says:

    What a day! I have noticed that drivers are impatient and rude:(

  2. Ramblingon says:

    What a pleasure to find you visited my blog house! Thank you.
    I have blogged about such days as that. The pulling out in front of ones…you have me beat by two. I have had three in one morning. I count. And when they scare me, I remember the count. 🙂
    I am fixing to go to my Ramblingon blog and talk about the storm last nigh. I have had the hardest time with my container garden of tomatoes and I’ve written about that a few times.
    Lovely meeting you.

    • Diana says:

      I know you don’t remember both of us commenting on each other’s blogs already, but I sure enjoy visiting you on yours! I’ve had you in my favorites list for a while now. Thank you for visiting me here too! Blessings!

  3. betsy says:

    Oh my goodness Diana. You most certainly did have “a day” didn’t you? I can’t believe you were outside most of Thursday when it was so hot. 105F here and with the humidity, I was just over it. I just can’t tolerate the heat here. I know most of my suffering is because of one particular medication I take, but I’ve noticed that I’m porgressively worse with the heat as the season progresses.
    I love that you have your menfolk to help you into and out of the car but also pray that your back will be fine when you wake up tomorrow.

  4. Kathy Elias says:

    As much as I love animals, I do not appreciate bunnies in my garden! One year I carelessly tossed some gourd seeds on the ground beside an unsightly fence that surrounded the dispense station for propane that we have on site. I did nothing after that, total neglect. The vines covered the fence and produced a bumper crop of lovely gourds. I have tried to plant them every year after that and got nothing! The weather conditions must have aligned just right that year!

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