July 24, 2021 The past week has been mind-numbingly nutso. Intensely stressful. Insanely wrong on so many levels. Utterly depressing. Exceedingly tiring. My brain and body are absolutely taxed out. *sigh* I can’t even think straight enough right now to blog about it. Our family could use lotsa prayer. Thanks from the bottom of my lil pea-pickin’ heart. Blessings.

Fishing delay, nature trail

July 18, 2021 Alas, we did not get to go fishing yesterday with John and Aero… because we had thunderstorms all morning. Ah, well, we’ll try again next Saturday morning. We didn’t get near enough rain to amount to anything, but every little drop helps the gardens. We’re supposed to be getting some more rain yet this evening and through tomorrow. I won’t hold my breath on that. I did go over and watch Aero for a couple hours so John could do some grocery shopping. Aero and I did chalk drawings on their cement porch, then he spent time splashing barefoot in the water puddles as the storms went away. I showed him he could do something cool by stepping in a puddle, then in the spots I did a solid chalk color (to make chalk dust), and then leaving his colored footprints as he walked. Easy for gramma to do and grandson to enjoy. John’s divorce is still in process – about mid-August will be the final decree. He has custody of Aero for safety reasons. We’d hoped everything would get straightened out, but, well… *sigh* He went way above and beyond what another person would have done

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Tough things, cheesecakes, fishing and races

July 16, 2021 There is always a reason for my absences from blogging. Many times it’s a combination of bajillions of thousands of numerous reasons. So, since my last post… Our families went ’round and ’round with summer colds. Pretty sure the 3-year-old grandson started it. The cottonwood seeds, mold, various pollens, dust and dander have been non-stop. What fun to constantly be gagging on sinus drainage and coughing because of the irritation from the allergies. I’ve had Jerry in the ER several times for his UTIs and kidney infections. Twice they didn’t catch some extra bacteria and I had to take him back. That pinched nerve I got in my back last month (see previous post) stuck around for almost a month. Made it hard to walk. Couldn’t bend over to do anything. I couldn’t afford to go to the chiropractor to do anything about it. That same pinched nerve has bothered me on and off all of my life. I never know when it’s going to act up. It’s still bothering me to some extent. So annoying. My tremors are worse and my arthritis is on some sort of high frequency mode now. Ugh. It’s especially bad in

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