Tough things, cheesecakes, fishing and races

July 16, 2021

There is always a reason for my absences from blogging. Many times it’s a combination of bajillions of thousands of numerous reasons. So, since my last post…

Our families went ’round and ’round with summer colds. Pretty sure the 3-year-old grandson started it.

The cottonwood seeds, mold, various pollens, dust and dander have been non-stop. What fun to constantly be gagging on sinus drainage and coughing because of the irritation from the allergies.

I’ve had Jerry in the ER several times for his UTIs and kidney infections. Twice they didn’t catch some extra bacteria and I had to take him back.

That pinched nerve I got in my back last month (see previous post) stuck around for almost a month. Made it hard to walk. Couldn’t bend over to do anything. I couldn’t afford to go to the chiropractor to do anything about it. That same pinched nerve has bothered me on and off all of my life. I never know when it’s going to act up. It’s still bothering me to some extent. So annoying.

My tremors are worse and my arthritis is on some sort of high frequency mode now. Ugh. It’s especially bad in my feet which makes the plantar faciitis even more painful (no, it never went away and is now in both feet).

And in the midst of all of that, our car had to sit for over a week due to a flat tire and radiator problems. The tire had to be completely replaced because it had weather cracks in the treads all the way around. Tire guy said it was most likely due to the sub-freezing temps in February and then the recent 110+ temps. Had to wait til John could help us with paying for it. The radiator problems are an on-going thing. The car has so many mechanical problems that one day it will just go kaput. Yes, really. It’s not going to last much longer. We’ll have to do like Colonel Potter on M.A.S.H. when he shot his poor Jeep after Frank ran over it with the tank…

Jerry is spending more time using the wheelchair to get around now than walking. Without any pain management meds, he is unable to stand but a couple minutes. His depression and chronic insomnia are much worse because of it. We just don’t have the means for a good vehicle and gas, so we’re unable go out-of-town to a pain management doctor (the one here is not accepting new patients).

Ah, well. As we used to say as teenagers in the 70s, we just “keep on keepin’ on” as best we can.

Yet there have been some good things, and some fun things.

Years ago, John found a recipe on Pinterest for homemade cheesecake. He began with a few blueberry cheesecakes, sharing them with family and a couple of his friends. At the time, I told him they were so good he should make them to sell. Well, guess what he has started doing in the past few weeks! I took photos of three of them; the flavors in order of the photos are: blueberry cheesecake, Turtles (the candy) cheesecake, and Fruity Pebbles cheesecake…

On Friday evenings, John makes a cheesecake, deciding on the flavor last-minute, then sells that one by the slice over the weekend for folks who want to try before they buy. He can hardly keep up now! It takes three hours from start to finish and then the cheesecake has to sit in the refridgerator overnight; he delivers the next day. Since he works during the day, he can only make one per evening. He tries to set up requests so that he doesn’t do it every night โ€“ he still has a 3-year-old son to love and care for! People have requested blueberry, cherry, strawberry, Fruity Pebbles, Turtles, and Cocoa Pebbles. I help him out with the packaging afterward. And sometimes Aero needs to be entertained lol. To answer an obvious question that everyone else has had – yes, whatever the flavor, it is also on the inside of the cheesecake, either swirled (as for blueberry, cherry, strawberry) or sprinkled in when the filling is poured (as for the cereal or candy flavors). The Turtles cheesecake also has caramel drizzled on top. Because I love peanut butter, I’ve about got him talked into testing a peanut butter cheesecake, or maybe a Reeses Peanut Butter Cups cheesecake. We’ll see what happens. I really hope this takes off for him!

John took Aero fishing for the first time a week ago…

I guess he completely understood the idea right off the bat after John showed him how to use the pole. They had a few nibbles but didn’t catch anything.

I took Jerry fishing two days ago and he caught a small catfish…

We’re going with John and Aero early tomorrow morning to go fishing at Lakeside Park in McPherson (about 40 minutes northeast of us). Lakeside Park is where the Scottish Festival was always held until they stopped doing that in 2017. We used to go to the festival all the time because Jerry has Scottish ancestors (he did not know that until we married and I did his genealogy).

Last evening, John took Aero to his first car races, the Hutchinson Nationals, that are held at the state fairgrounds this time of year. He’d bought him some ear protection in preparation for the noise…

And I guess he kept them on the whole time and had a blast watching the races…

Well, I need to stop for now, although I have more to blog about. But I had several interruptions throughout the evening that were important, so I’ll have to save the rest for the next post because I need to get things ready for our fishing trip in the morning!

Hope all is well with you and yours. Love and blessings!

8 thoughts on “Tough things, cheesecakes, fishing and races

  • Hi Diana,
    Iโ€™m so sorry to read about Jerryโ€™s and your health problems. Sending lots of positive energy to you and Jerry.

    That blueberry cheesecake looks absolutely delicious.

  • Hi Diana, It’s nice to find you again. Sorry about your falling apart car. I’m sure that presents a BIG problem.
    Aero has grown so much. He doesn’t look like a toddler any more.
    John’s cheesecakes look SO good. I’m not surprised that they sell quickly.

    • Yep, it’s hard to believe how quick Aero’s first three years have flown by!! He’s big enough now I can barely lift him anymore… alas, gramma must sit down to hold him on her lap. ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Hi Diana:
    I was glad to see you post. I’m sorry to hear about your car worries and both you and Jerry in pain. I understand foot pain. I’m pretty sure I have psoriatic arthritis in my feet and knees. My feet have given me fits for many years but my knees have just begun since we moved here. I am also getting psorisis patches on my arms and face since we moved. It must be something different in the weather. Who knows.I do have an appointment with a dermatologist who usually deals with this type of arthritis but it’s not until mid-October. I guess new patients just have to wait. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I saw your comment on my blog just a few mintues ago. I would be happy to make a blanket, both for your MIL and one for Jerry. Of course there would be NO money accepted. I would be our gift to you. Could you email me and give me an idea of their favorite colors and the sort of pattern you think they would like?
    Well, it’s midnight and I have to go to bed. I’m so tired but then I get to bed and lay there aways. Who knows why???? Take care my dear friend.

    • Bless your beautiful kind heart, dear Betsy. You are one of a kind. All of us who know you online are truly blessed by your loving friendship. โค๏ธ

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