July 24, 2021

The past week has been mind-numbingly nutso.

Intensely stressful.

Insanely wrong on so many levels.

Utterly depressing.

Exceedingly tiring.

My brain and body are absolutely taxed out.


I can’t even think straight enough right now to blog about it.

Our family could use lotsa prayer.

Thanks from the bottom of my lil pea-pickin’ heart.


6 thoughts on “Bleah

  • I’m so sorry Diana. We have been so crazy busy that I’ve had a difficult time getting online to read blogs. I pray for you and Jerry every day but I will intensify my prayers for you now. Life can be so uncertain and scary and just plain frustrating at times.
    May the God of love be with you and give you His Peace through the coming days.

    • Not a problem, Betsy! I know you are preparing for your trip. You go enjoy your time with those two kids! And THANK YOU for those prayers! Love and blessings!

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