Fishing delay, nature trail

July 18, 2021

Alas, we did not get to go fishing yesterday with John and Aero… because we had thunderstorms all morning. Ah, well, we’ll try again next Saturday morning. We didn’t get near enough rain to amount to anything, but every little drop helps the gardens. We’re supposed to be getting some more rain yet this evening and through tomorrow. I won’t hold my breath on that.

I did go over and watch Aero for a couple hours so John could do some grocery shopping. Aero and I did chalk drawings on their cement porch, then he spent time splashing barefoot in the water puddles as the storms went away. I showed him he could do something cool by stepping in a puddle, then in the spots I did a solid chalk color (to make chalk dust), and then leaving his colored footprints as he walked. Easy for gramma to do and grandson to enjoy.

John’s divorce is still in process – about mid-August will be the final decree. He has custody of Aero for safety reasons. We’d hoped everything would get straightened out, but, well… *sigh* He went way above and beyond what another person would have done trying to save the marriage, however, there are bigger problems right now to contend with, so when the judge does the final decree it will be over. That is not to say that things couldn’t be turned around at some point in the future. For now, this can’t be avoided. Please keep them in prayer.

You’ll notice I finally got around to importing my previous blog (Blogger) onto my domain. Now if you’ve a mind to, you can go back and read those posts if you’re a new visitor. Just keep in mind that the Blogger settings will not always match what I have going on now. For the most part, it looks and reads about the same. I’m not going to go back and try to re-style 120 blog posts. 🀣

I wanted to show you some of my trail walk from the other day when I took Jerry fishing at the nature center north of town. They have two loop trails. I always walk the outer, longer loop. There is an area where they are doing a prairie restoration with native plants.

I stopped for several minutes and just looked and listened. I could smell the natural-ness of it all. I could hear the buzzing of bees, the chirping of wild birds, and saw the skittering of a small lizard as it crossed in front of me. It was all so green and beautiful.

As the trail loops around on the northern end and turns back south, most of it is canopied by the trees for quite a length.

This is usually where I stop for a bit to rest.

#SpreadTheLoveHutch went around doing painted hearts in the middle of the might for a long time (with a phone call and permission from residents or business owners, of course). They did such a cute heart for the nature center!

As I said in a couple previous posts, the cottonwood seeds have been coming down for weeks! These next two photos show how thick the seeds are in the trees and on the ground and plants! *gag* *cough*

I finished the trail down to the south, but instead of going all the way around and through the entrance, backtracked a bit and came out near the tree where Jerry was fishing.

I have lots to do tomorrow, so better quite for now. Hope all of you had a lovely and blessed Sunday!

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