Pain, rain, watermelon, beans, and autumn

September 6, 2021

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UPDATE: There! I fixed it!

I’ve been having some rough days physically lately. Back on June 21, I had an awful day, what with getting locked out of John’s house in over 100Β° heat for 15-20 minutes because of the bad door handle (he fixed that), and then idiot drivers pulling out in front of me and other people later in the day. One of those idiots came off a corner with a stop sign, didn’t even look, just drove right out in front of me and another woman on one of the busiest streets in town. If she or I had been any closer to him, we’d have defintiely taken him out and been a lot worse off. As it was, after stomping hard on the brakes, I ended up with a badly pinched nerve in my back that is still causing me pain, but a lot worse in recent days. I’m moving pretty slow right now. Been doing various pinched nerve stretches… I have a sheet from a chiropractor I went to years ago who gave it to me because there is a certain spot in my back where a nerve always gets pinched. But the one I have now is much lower and causing more pain. Ugh. Just trying to get through right now. My state insurance will only cover about half of a chiro appointment, so going to one now is out of the question. Ah well, just praying it corrects itself soon. The limited movement is annoying.

We had a deluge of rain last Friday into Saturday morning… maybe an inch, but it came down too fast and ran off straight into the storm drains, so it didn’t do a lot of good. Up in the northcentral and northeast part of the state they had 6-7 inches that night! Geesh! One good thing, though, it did help our watermelons along. They’re growing bigger as the days go by. We had Aero Friday night through Sunday morning, so I took him over with me when I went to check the garden late afternoon on Saturday… he was fascinated with them.

We’ve been picking the purple beans for a while now. They were the volunteer plants that came up from the dropped beans when our plot at the community gardens was someone else’s last year. I picked some of the bean pods to take home because Aero and I like to open them and just eat them as they are while they’re still soft. He has become a pro at opening the pods himself.

He lines the beans up and then eats them. πŸ˜†

John took Aero for a ride last evening to see some of the murals that are around town and stopped at the one behind the Toy Depot (vintage toys) on Main Street, taking this adorable photo of Aero. We love that lil man so much! 😍

We don’t do Halloween, but I saw these cute planters at the grocery store yesterday. Yeah yeah yeah, I know some are for lights and some just for decor, but I would put plants in the vase-like ghosts and jack-o’lanterns.

And these beautiful Autumn chrysanthemums and asters in a gorgeous array of colors.

I want one of each! 🀩

Have a blessed week!

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6 thoughts on “Pain, rain, watermelon, beans, and autumn

  • Dearest Diana,
    So happy to see the comments being visible now! And got your name as you left me a comment.
    Our names to me are kind of sacred as it is a gift from our Parents, so that’s why I always love to use them.
    We too wear helmets of course but bike paths are not available here…
    Flowers do have meanings and when traveling for work as we did as international consultants, you ought to know a bit more about their meaning and also color’s meaning something specific. Japan is one such example.
    For your Dad that must have been a wonderful selection for having wildflowers at his funeral. No doubt, a big smile from heaven!

    • Absolutely agree on the names! My mama named me… totally orginal, no one else in our family has my first or middle name, not even any cousins, not even any ancestors. (She almost named me Gloria… glad she didn’t as I don’t really like that name lol.) Love and blessings!

  • Oh I’m sorry that your back is in such pain. Drivers, and most everyone else, seem to be so impatient these days. I’ve never seen so many rude people in my life. Honestly, I’ve been going out of my way to be extra nice and try to offset some of the other. Not that I’m perfect. Far from it.
    Aero seems like such a sweet little boy. He sure is cute, that’s for sure.
    Take care my friend.

    • I think everyone is tired of everything that they’ve had to put up with over the past 19-20 months. Tempers and attitudes are so much worse. I know I feel weary a lot of the time. I’m in constant prayer, not just for us, but the rest of the world. Lord, just help us keep our focus on You for guidance! Hugs to you, Betsy!

  • Dearest ?
    You never mentioned your name in the about me section and what I often do, looking at a previous post where I know I left a comment. But comments are ‘hidden’ so that is of no help. Can’t recall ALL the names of people in many different languages that I reply to… SORRY.
    Too bad that you are suffering due to some ruthless person in traffic! Yes, we do encounter them too and when biking it even is more scary as we are so vulnerable and there are no separate bike lanes here, as we know them in The Netherlands.
    Your grandson is learning about food preservation and that is good!
    As for Halloween, we never have let commercials influence both of us in any way for $$. It has nothing to do with religion and is only aimed at spending.
    Funny that we Dutch born people associate chrysanthemums ALWAYS with cemetery flowers… My facial expression probably was rather strange when I got gifted one in 1983.
    Cultural differences.
    Hugs and stay strong and be well!

    • I have the comments visibility problem taken care of now… after exchanging one theme for a newer type, of course. I might like this better anyway as I’m a minimalist… don’t like fussy fancy things. // Don’t worry about the name thing… I usually leave my name off for the most part. But my name is Diana. // I haven’t ridden my bike in a couple years, but when I do, I always wear my helmet and ride on the bike paths where there’s no traffic. // How interesting about the mums! Here in the US there aren’t any particular flowers associated with funerals because people send all types. My dad’s funeral in 2012 was filled with all sorts of wildflowers because those were what he most liked. Many hugs and prayers to you, dear Mariette!

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