Updated 9/2/2021
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If you are a genealogist and family historian, you already know that we have a strict code of standards and ethics, and we do not tolerate stealing of information that is a result of our many times decades-long hard work in researching the details. When we find our information stolen online, we do not take it lightly. ASK if you would like specific research information; I’m happy to share the information with you (as long as you provide correct citing and credit) and will include details of what I will allow of my own personal information online. Thank you for understanding.

Below you will find a beginning list of genealogy and family history pages for myself (Diana) and my husband (Jerry). I have 5 decades of research and 10s of thousands of names in my databases, so it’ll take some time for me to decide what I want to put here to share. If you are also a genealogist/family historian, you already know these pages and this list will always be a work in progress.

The famous painting below (copy, of course) hung in my Granddad and Grandma Dessenberger’s livingroom for the whole time they were married and living. One day when I was probably about six or seven, I asked my grandma about it. She told me that my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Colonel Heinrich (Henry) Haller was one of the men in that boat with General George Washington as they crossed the Delaware River in the middle of the night on December 25/26, 1776.

Her Side

Surnames (main list A-Z): Buller, Dessenberger, Dirks/Dircks, Drayer, GrindolL/Grindle/Grindall, Grundy, Haller, Hastings, Hinton, Howell, Hull, Isaak, Janzen, Lacy, Pankratz, Perrin, Ratzlaff, Reed, Schmidt, Sherbahn/Sherbone, Smith, Steck, Unruh/Unrau, Wagoner, Wedel.

Six Generation Ahnentafel (9/2/2021)

His Side

Surnames (main list A-Z): Brewer, Bonham, Butler, Carmichael, Cook, Cripe/Gripe, Fuller, Jarman/Jerman/German, Lee, Mashburn/Mashbourne, McArthur, McBride, Poteet, Romig, Reed, Snay/Schnee, Snepp/Snep, Turner, Weaaver.