One day haul and some rain

August 22, 2021 After supper on Thursday, when the heat of the day had lifted and the tree shadows from the cemetery across the road gave me enough shade to work, I harvested what I could from our garden in an hour. The weather people were saying we would have severe storms overnight with flooding rains and high winds, so I wanted to make sure I saved what veggies and fruits were ready to be picked and double-check that all the plants still growing were battened down good just in case. This, my friends, was my one day haul… 31 tomatoes (2 German Queen, 29 Early Girl); 8 butternut squash (look at that adorable little one!); 10 jalapeno, 7 purple onions (yes, I know people call them red, but in this house they are purple); and that bowl of onions (yellow and white). I’ve harvested three times that much since June, but all of the above was one day! The German Queen are heirloom tomatoes… these are from descendant seeds of plants that were from the garden of my mama and dad back when I was a little girl. I have a lovely ripe one from the other day plus the two from Thursday’s harvest. Personally, I believe they are more delicious than any other tomato I’ve ever eaten! I am just a shadow on the earth… until Jesus calls me home to the glorious place He is preparing for me in Heaven. [John 14:2] The biggest part of the gardens are winding down, both ours and John’s. I’m not sure that I’m going to do any planting for an autumn harvest this year – just haven’t decided yet. Feeling my age more this year has a lot to do with it, haha. The squash at John’s were hit hard

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Still waiting for water, grandson’s stayover, tall sunflowers

August 14, 15, 16, 2021 🙄 We didn’t get the rain they thought we would… just a few sprinkles overnight. However, since the front came in two-three days ago, we’ve been having temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler! Ahhhh! 80s are much better than 100s!! We still have some humidity but it’s much more bearable with the lower temps. We had grandson Aero stayover with us Friday through Saturday. Being 3-years-old means lots of activity, noise, and questions. Part of the time I felt like the Tasmanian Devil was whirring around me. 😆 He’s an absolute bundle of energy. And his curiosity brings out a lot of very interesting – and intelligent – questions that most 3-year-olds wouldn’t ask. “How does the oven heat up when you turn it on?” and “How does it know to go to that temperature?” (As he pointed to the oven temperature knob.) “What did the people use to make the red/blue/orange/green/etc. paint?” (For his watercolors paint set.) “How does that airplane know how to stay up in the sky?” (Yeah, that’s always been my question, too. 🤣) We went over to Carey Park late on Friday evening (this is the one that’s just over the Arkansas River bridge from us)… oddly enough, hardly anyone was there! That was fine by us, making it great for Aero to have one of the playgrounds entirely to himself. There’s a big climbing rock at this playground; if you pound on it you’ll know it’s not real because of the hollow sound (and the obvious way it’s secured to the ground). I have photos (on an old disc) of grandson Andrew and graddaughter Madison climbing on the rock in 2011. Aero is too little to be let loose on trying to climb the rock but he was still fascinated with

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Please let it rain, and news

August 12, 2021 Hoping for the predicted storms… We’ve had so many days of 100° and higher temps. Some have been 107°/108° with even higher “feels like” heat indices. We can hardly keep up with the garden watering it’s been so dry. Every time we’ve been told to expect rain, it’s split and gone around us, or not even materialised. I’ve spent a lot of days inside because of the heat. Ya gotta know it’s HOT if even I, the person who lives for summer, stays in the air-conditioning. On a different note, our grandson, Andrew, and his fiancé, Kaylee, called on Facetime right before supper. Andrew held up the photos of the sonogram the doctor did today of the baby (they are 19 weeks, 6 days along), annnnnnnnnnd…… THEY’RE EXPECTING A GIRL!! Sorry such a short post, but need to get to bed early tonight. Daycare is closed tomorrow, so I’ll be watching grandson Aero while John is working. I think we’re going to finish our popcicle stick craft (from over a month ago lol) and do some painting on it. Be blessed!

Still here

August 9, 2021 Yes, I’m here… handling several stressful issues. Keeping my focus on Jesus, not the storm. I’m reading your blogs… just haven’t been commenting. I will, though. Everyone be blessed. ❤️


July 24, 2021 The past week has been mind-numbingly nutso. Intensely stressful. Insanely wrong on so many levels. Utterly depressing. Exceedingly tiring. My brain and body are absolutely taxed out. *sigh* I can’t even think straight enough right now to blog about it. Our family could use lotsa prayer. Thanks from the bottom of my lil pea-pickin’ heart. Blessings.